When will MP be reversing the $50.00 OBJ file decision?

Many of us MP users made our camera purchase due to the fact that we got an .obj file from our processed models.  This is not a new feature that was just added.  We should not pay for something that is processed already as part of our paid processing fee.  Like someone mentioned in another online forum, imagine purchasing a Canon 5D Mk IV and then being told by Canon after 6 months that we would no longer be able to shoot JPEG's just RAW.  Customer would not stand for it and us MP users should not either.


Matterport, what are you going to do to resolve this blatant "bait and switch"?



  • At Least they have to put the price way down, this 2,5 time more than to upload a extra space in to the cloud....

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  • Agree to this - especially as MP announces this now as high quality OBJ which it is not at all. High quality would be a high resolution 3D mesh and not a downscaled reduced mesh which is super ugly if you have a closer look.

    This is high-res in my opinion: https://www.artec3d.com/3d-models/art-and-design



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  • And according to this article I would assume that in fact the scan quality is much higher than what we get with the current OBJ: https://3dprint.com/180171/microsoft-kinect-3d-scanning-sue/

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  • Who sells a product and promises functionality only to start charging for it 2 years after the device was bought? This is why this company is such a terrible deal. A 5000 dollar camera which was then advertised to my customers and now making me pay extra for the obj file? It seems almost criminal in how they do business. This is ridiculous. 

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  • Hey guys, 
    Understand your concerns.

    Consider this: 

    - We ran a study that showed that there were less than 40 (!!!) users who downloaded the OBJ more than once (so are actually using it in their workflow and did not just download to see what it is). This is not a wide-scale issue for 99%+ of our users.

    - People who are using it in their workflow are doing jobs that are way beyond the regular real estate shoots and are most likely charging way more than those doing RRE shoots (so an extra $50 is really not cutting too deeply into their margin). Ask some users using the OBJ for SketchUp workflows if they mind the extra $50. We did, and they don't. 

    - People who were using to measure (so not for value added services) can still do so in workshop or by buying a $15 floor plan. 

    - Our Point Cloud, which is a very popular service that we invested a lot of time and resources in (and never implied that it would be free), can be produced from the OBJ (albeit a lesser quality). If we continued our free OBJ export, our widely popular point cloud service would be compromised. We would not continue to invest in this avenue, which would be a loss for the greater MP AEC community. 

    - Companies commonly change pricing. At a much higher rate than MP does. This in itself is not foul play. 

    As for providing a lower quality mesh than we could - why would we do that? We may be able to produce a higher quality mesh in the future. When we can, we would of course offer that to our users.



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  • Tomer,  Thanks for the reply.  While the .OBJ may not be used frequently by others, we used it on every scan.  We also scanned over 20,000,000 sqft last year and anticipate the same or more this year.  Our prices cannot be passed along to our customer('s) as we are or were locked into set prices by contract.  We have now had to invest in other technologies to create the .OBJ and will soon phase out MP.  We also purchased several cameras do to the fact that your head of AEC at the time said that .OBJ files were included with our scans.


    I see a lot of post about how MP consults with its customers before making changes.  You must not be consulting with the right ones.

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  •  Hey Adam, 

    Completely understand your decision. Also not expecting it to roll back on your customers, but our assumption is that if they are paying for some value added service beyond your scan (why else do they require OBJ) such as FullVR development on Unity, SketchUp changes to the space, etc - the margin is big enough to take the $50 hit. 

    Genuinely interested in knowing what more affordable method you found for attaining mesh files for scans. BLK would cost you $18K (before software), would take 3.5 minutes for a spin (not 18 seconds), and would only produce a point cloud, so you would have to create the mesh on a separate software.

    Some kind of mobile scanner like Canvas can produce mesh at a lower resolution and is not really suitable for large spaces.




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  • Dear Tomer,
    please keep in mind that for professionals and paid work projects the pointcloud file is the essential file. The OBJ is of a bad quality that is more suited for testings and exploring options as also for showcases we don´t earn money wwith. So your use case is maybe not estimated correctly.

    Also there´s not reason why not to offer the single obj for a lower acceptable price like e.g. 5-10 Eur.

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