[Newsletter, 1/31/17] Introducing early access to 3D Showcase SDK

Introducing early access to the 3D Showcase SDK

Calling all developers! Matterport is thrilled to announce early access to 3D Showcase SDK (software development kit), currently available only to select developers. For years, developers have been asking for a way to build applications for Matterport’s immersive media player - and now they can! We welcome all innovators and creatives to customize the 3D Showcase experience in new and interesting ways. We hope that with the SDK, we’re enabling exciting new innovations and use cases for many more audiences.

While many developers have sought to engage with us over the years, we’d like to extend our formal thanks and appreciation to Chris Hickman (of Metroplex360.com) and Ross Peterson (of WP3DModels.com) for their feedback, insight, and patience. They’ve already created some great tools, and we’re expecting even more with the SDK.

Some examples of actions which can be enabled as part of the SDK include:
 • “If a user arrives at this pano, then play a sound or voice-over.”
 • “If a user clicks a button on my web page, move 3D Showcase to a specific pano.”
 • “If a user clicks on a Mattertag, display a custom UI around it.”
 • “If a user clicks on a Highlight Reel, show custom UI or additional information.” 

Do you have an awesome concept you’d love to build? Tell us about it and apply for the SDK today! We will review all applications and reach out as soon as we can -- we’ll be adding new folks slowly at first as we scope out each initiative. Read more about our SDK and the reasoning behind it on our blog >>.




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  • Can you show examples to the mentioned cases e.g. “If a user clicks on a Mattertag, display a custom UI around it.” -> do you mean that then inside the iFrame the UI can be changed?

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