Access to Private Space via API

I see some of people asking private access to their spaces. Same thing is here, I need to set space Private and share only on my website. Also I'm plannig a mobile/website application. The spaces must be available only on the applications. I see you are developing some APIs. Will there be a feature like token based authentication for spaces on your APIs?



  • Hi there Irfan,

    Great question!  That's not available right now, but I suggest contacting us at and giving some more detail about what you're hoping to accomplish.  This is a reasonable request, and something we might be able to deploy eventually.  Thanks!



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  • This is exactly what we need to be able to work comfortably work with matterport models. I have actually contacted last year details about what we want to accomplish. Still waiting for response.

    Can somebody let us know if when this sort of authentication would be possible?


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  • Requested this I guess already by end of 2016. Great to hear that this is still a missing feature also for others. I hoped the SDK would allow this, but as long as MP resists to remove the iFrame-embed only solution this is difficult.

    A solution could be nevertheless to offer the features like VimeoPro does it for videos.

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