not able to access the balcony


In the normal showcase I am not able to access the balcony of my tour. In the beta version it works.

I scanned a flat with a balcony and I left the doors to the balcony shut because it looks better and it is winter. The scanner did capure some data through the closed doors and i opened it in one scan to get it aligned properly. Scanning worked out fine but now it is not possible to access the balcony.

Is it not possible to do something about it?

Also it would be nice to have two separate areas in one project in which one can click from one pano to the next without these areas beeing connected. For example if I have a long stairway or such things that are not easily possible to capture.

Or if I want to have a door shut but still being able to "walk" through. Or maybe the door is closed in many panos but is open in the 3d mesh (which is probably difficult to manage. but at least the first examples should be possible).



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  • Hi Nicolas,

    I'm guessing the problem here is mesh in the doorway that's blocking navigation.  Even with glass doors, sometimes mesh will be created in the doorway.  You can see it if you look at the doorway from both sides using the dollhouse view.  

    One option is to trim out the mesh by placing a trim marking on the inside of the doorway with the arrow pointing towards the door.  You want the trim marking to be between the scan that saw the door as closed and the doorway itself, but it can't be too close to the doorway.  You'll need to go back to Capture to place the marking and then reupload the model data. 

    Hope that helps. 


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