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I am an MSP and I have just been approached by a potential client who would like to have a Matterport Tour created of their space, however the deciding factor for whether they go with us or not is that they need the tour to be published to Google Street View... with that said, would it be possible for anyone to allow me to go through on the beta? Even if it's just to publish one model? 

So then I can say that we can indeed publish it to GSV and we will therefore win the job! I can't even begin to tell you how much this would help me, it truly would be greatly appreciated! However, I understand if you cannot facilitate this request, but I thought that at the very least it was worth a try!





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  • Hello Jordan, 

    We are in the process of adding everyone that has signed up for GSV access to the Open Beta.  We anticipate everyone that signed up to have access by the end of this month if not sooner.  

    We have been adding users based on when they initially applied to the GSV beta.  First to apply, were the first added.

    If you do not have access yet, you should have it by Jan 31st.


    Keith S. 

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