FAQs: Lead Matching

How do you match leads with MSPs?

We match MSPs based on local proximity to leads who come in requesting a scan service. We cannot guarantee each MSP will receive a baseline number of leads per month or year - what we can guarantee is that we pass along every single lead that comes in to our network of MSPs based on distance from the requested scan location.

Why have I not received a lead yet, or why has my volume slowed?

Your lead volume can vary for many reasons, including:

  1. Leads did not want a direct introduction, and instead opted to choose and contact an MSP on their own.
  2. Other MSPs were closer to the lead.
  3. Dense urban areas tend to request scan services more often than rural or suburban areas.
  4. Seasonality

Why does Matterport currently match each scan service lead with up to 3 MSPs?

We have a few reasons why we match each scan service lead with up to 3 MSPs:

  • There is significant variability across MSPs, in terms of service offerings, availability, geography and pricing. By introducing leads with up to 3 MSPS in their area, we encourage each lead to potentially interact with a few MSPs so they can find the best match: based on budget, availability, geography, and turnaround time. A happy lead is one that will buy from you repeatedly, so the better the match, the better it is for everyone involved.
  • After surveying scan service leads, we found that many never connected with an MSP, so that is another reason we match with up to 3 local Service Partners. We encourage MSPs to be extremely responsive - a delayed reply can result in a lost sale. 

Pre-qualified local leads seeking 3D scanning services is a benefit of our program, but not the only way for you to generate business. We've created the necessary resources and materials you need to sell Matterport on your own. You can access the 100+ materials available to you as an MSP via our MSP Member Portal.

For additional ideas on what you can do to generate leads in our area, please visit MOUG to connect with other MSPs.




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