Matterport Pro 2 Sweep Speed - depicted in the new Matterport YouTube Video

I just watched the video that came out about the Pro 2 Camera and I'm wondering why the scans on my Pro 2 are not near as fast as the one depicted in this video:
It would take me twice as long to scan the house depicted. Can you tell me if there is something I am doing wrong? I am running the fastest, largest, iPad available. They show the scans taking 18 seconds to complete. While my camera finishes the actual sweeps at 30 sec and another 12 sec to transfer. This doesn't include aligning. 
The camera depicted here sweeps much faster than my pro2.
Could you time your sweep (one 360 of the camera) and then the transfer times and what iPad you are using. I would like to see if something is not correct with my setup.
I did NOT purchase an upgraded Matterport camera. I wasn't able to upgrade my camera. So now I have a Pro 1 that is a paper weight if anyone wants to buy it.


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  • @jrbatchelor Here is a link you might find helpful:

    How do I join the beta? 

    1. Fill out this form.
    2. Please wait for us to go into the backend and enable for you. 
    3. Update to the latest version of the Capture app (2.4.2). Learn how.
    4. Open Matterport Capture and sign in to Matterport Cloud over WiFi (internet).
    5. It may take several minutes to download the new firmware while connected to the Internet. You should see a red notification of new firmware if you have previously connected your camera to this iPad.
    6. Connect to your Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera over WiFi as normal. You will be prompted to install new firmware for the camera.
    7. Reconnect to the camera and start scanning!


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