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Dear Matterport Community,

We announced MatterPak™ Bundles on January 3rd this year, which offers a comprehensive package of all your 3D commercial assets, including the OBJ file, the colorized point cloud, and reflected ceiling plan images. These assets are available to download immediately with one click for $49.  

Since the announcement we have received some customer feedback and because we take your feedback seriously, we want to share our reasoning behind the recent price increases and create greater transparency as we believe that this transparency is crucial for all of our customers whose pricing is, of course, affected by ours.

Here is what we would like to share with you that you might not have been aware of previously:

1) Matterport continues to deliver improvements on the technology and platform

     We are dedicated to improving our technology and rolling out features that we believe will help and benefit our customers including publishing to Google Street View and the recent beta for a faster spinning camera.  As for the commercial assets, we plan on developing higher-fidelity OBJs and greater accuracy point clouds, key features that many of our customers have requested over the past few years. Because we want to offer our customers the best possible product and experience, this sometimes requires a change in price plans in order to help support R&D.

2) Matterport pricing is still quite competitive  

     Even with the price increase tied to MatterPak™ Bundles, Matterport maintains a very competitive SaaS offering that offers significant value given the overall product and service. To date, there is no other 3D reality capture system that offers as many outputs, some of them, such as CoreVR, at no cost.   

3) We are working toward better communication

     A few years ago when we first added OBJs as an additional output our customers could download, we believed there would be a day when we might ultimately need to charge for the service.  Moving forward we’ll work on communicating pricing changes earlier.

As with all businesses, Matterport continues to develop more features and services and the pricing may change or increase from time to time. Pricing stability is of utmost importance so customers know what to expect, however, we do hope you understand that they are a part of the natural cycle of growth.  

Please note that the pricing change for MatterPak™ Bundles occurs next week on Thursday, January 25th. If you have a Matterport Space created before December 13, 2017 for which you would like to download the OBJ file at no cost, you MUST do so before 11:59 Pacific Time on January 24th, 2018. After January 24th, you will not be able to access the OBJ file without having to pay $49 for MatterPak™ Bundles.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Matterport Support at




  • Does the MatterPark include all the information of a model, captured and processed, including the spherical photos along with their relative positions?


  • Hello Philippe,

    The Matterpak does not include the spherical photos. For a complete list of what is included, check out the newsletter linked below:



  • Sorry, this is a slap in the face.

    And your position is just missing an important part: you sold us a camera with certain features, without your SaaS the camera isn't worth a penny. This is a closed system.
    I don't care when you introduced the OBJ as a feature, at the time I bought the camera this was a feature, now it is gone and you additionally charge for it. So the camera is not working anymore as it was advertised. You cannot suddenly take features away or charge big bucks. Period.

    With that please take back the camera for a full refund and I hope many people do the same, as this is a brick for me now.

    This is no way to treat loyal customers.


  • Wondering if with the matterpack and high resolution floor plans can the space be larger than 10,000 sq ft. Have possible warehouse space which would want floor plans and is quite large. Not sure of sq footage yet. 

  • Hello There

    Exist a example of real data from the MatterPak bundle?
    I would like to see how the quality is.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi Joshko,

    Yes if you go to this FAQ page on MatterPak, you should be able to learn more and download a sampe:


  • Hi Sibyl

    It would be great to create an example of a multi-story property with a Pro2.

    Best Wishes

  • As mentioned above, this is a horrible slap in the face especially to those of us who have used the product from the VERY beginning! The monthly rates are already high but justifiable but when we simply want the OBJ files to which we have had access for FREE from the beginning it's outrageous that we have to pay extra for them now!

    Very disheartened!!!

  • I agree, $50 is pretty steep for something like this. Honestly, I think this shouldn't be a "pack", if you are going to charge us for something at least let us choose what we want for a reasonable price. We, specifically, could care less about any of the files in the pack except the point cloud, can't we just buy that for a much smaller price tag?

    Get rid of the pack and just charge folks for what they want. If you want all of the file types, then it could cost up to $49 (which I still feel is pricey).

    You also mention new features and abilities, these may not be something the AEC industry cares about, yet they still have to pay the same as everyone else. If you are going to have different "plans" then adjust them based on what folks actually want, or allow for the addition/subtraction of options based on a need.

    These changes are pushing us to consider a true laser scanner because we can pay once for the thing and then have it along with all of the data it provides.

  • I discovered this now, and we feel very offended by Matterport strategies.

    We was planning to download our OBJ files after finishing all spaces for a specific customer (43 apartments), now what was free before would cost us 2.107 $

    Of course we didn't quote this to  the customer from the beginning, because rules were different.

    This is a good example of what a company should never do to their customers.

  • Matterport isn't providing anything more than they were before BUT charging and outrageous amount to ACCESS what was FREE. I certainly will make my dissatisfaction with the service side known when asked by potential buyers - the monthly service was high but doable before - with the CHARGING for OBJ... it's over the top. Sorry to see Matterport take this turn against its customers.


  • This is an awful business decision and really worries me about the future of Matterport. 

    When we decided to start offering 360 3d scans to customers, the biggest weakness identified was Matterport as a closed system. If you go bankrupt, it would either have to close our company or find another system. If you change your terms of service, it can cause massive issues.

    As others have pointed out:

    1. We have active quote and jobs where we have promised our clients the FREE .obj files. This is not acceptable to treat your customers like this.

    2. We bought the camera being told that the .obj files were free.

    This demonstrates you as a company disregard your promises and can no longer be trusted. We were looking to get another camera this year but now will not as its not just about this one decision, it shows that you can and will abuse the fact it is a closed system.

    If you want to add a value added option - why not give the OBJ's for free. But give a paid option for a simplified OBJ with less polygons that can be imported more smoothly into other 3d software - that I would actually pay for.

    I will be getting in touch with our local matterport sales team in the UK to make a complaint about this decision.

  • I am also concerned over the pricing changes to access our data and the 'locked' system. I totally agree with the points made by Ed Sillars. For someone who is using this to start a new business, additional overheads and the sale of that to clients/potential clients, this is becoming a show stopper.

    The SaaS service should be cost effective for your RnD development and enable your customers to have their data when and where they want it, within your offering not at additional costs, unless you are going to provide the full model and data and allow us to hold it elsewhere. I only came into the system in December and the free OBJ download was key to making a decision on buying into the closed system and this cost in Australia for the 'bundle' is certainly cost prohibitive.

    I would like to think that Matterport could rethink their charges with a long term plan to benefit new, existing and potential clients and enable us to have a genuine service that holds our data, that is not iPad reliant, post upload, and is about customer centric service delivery (ours and yours) and enables us to access and use our data as we need.

    Maybe your consideration should be the yearly subscriptions and drop/reduce the 'bundle' add ons? 

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