2nd floor furniture showing on 1st floor.

 I am having a problem where furniture on my second floor is showing up in the first floor view. (note this furniture is not near the stairs where the end of my first floor scan is, its actually the farthest point). I attached the problem below (you can see the couch on the second floor when looking at the first floor shows up, and when you switch to the second floor its an empty space).



  • Hello,

    First, i think it is helpful to offer a little insight into the multi floor feature. The software which determines how to display the levels does not actually use the floor designations you assign during the scanning process, (those are specifically to assist with scanning and alignment), but rather determines the floors by evaluating the geometry of the structure. Provided the software can fully interpret the geometry it typically assigns geometry to the correct floors. A few factors which the software considers are floor space, (an area must be of a specific size/shape to be considered its own floor), elevation change, (to be considered a new floor the difference in elevation between levels must be over a certain amount), and ceiling height, (the ceiling must meet a minimum average height to be considered its a floor). 

    It is not immediately clear to me why a portion of the furniture appears as part of the first level. We are aware that the software in this area does not always perform as expected, and to that end i have forwarded this issue along to Engineering for further review. 

    Due to some variability in the system this can occasionally be resolved by reprocessing. To that end i have submitted a copy of the model which can be found in your account.

    Another, though clearly less desirable, another option would be to disable the multi-floor feature for this model.

    To turn off multi floor insert the query parameter &f=0 at the end of your link.

    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YJrquK9RCiE&f=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



    Matterport Customer Success

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  • How is the tour? Without being able to actually walk the tour, I can only guess.

    My guess would be something not marked, a mirror or sunlight coming in the window where you were trying to scan. I have also seen stainless steel do strange things with scan points and walls.

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