Battery not charging completely


Any suggestions...

My camera (MC200) is less than one year old and I haven't used it in two months. The battery was completely discharged so I plugged it up to begin charging. After six hours of charging I was only at 50%. I have never had this issue before. 

I used it today to shoot a tour for a client and the camera worked as expected and didn't experience any battery issues. I attempted to charge the camera once I got home and it took three hours to reach a 60% charge from 37% charged. Something is not right.

I am in the process of completely discharging the battery (i shouldn't have to cycle the battery) and then I will attempt to charge to full capacity again. 

Any ideas?



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  • Troy,

    I'm sorry to hear about the condition of your camera but see that you have already contacted us at to initiate the repair process for your camera.


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