3D Reality capture and educational opportunities

For the last few months I have been exploring the opportunity to use 3D reality capture to aid in education. Specifically I am interested in using reality capture to aid in building mind palaces. As some of you may be aware a mind palace is a memory technique popularized recently in the "Sherlock"   T.V series. The technique is very simple to master and very easy to implement and its effectiveness at improving memory is rated at a 60% improvement in recent studies. I recently used this method to improve my youngest child's test results in school to an average of 95%. The method entails taking a space that you are familiar with and choosing 5-10 locations per room to act as file locations for any facts you desire to remember. You simply take a fact and develop an image to represent that fact or link to it and place it on the file location. When you need to recall that fact you walk within your mind to the room that you placed it in and look at the file location. As I stated it is highly effective. My 8 year old  has been amazing family and friends for months with his ability to remember the 45  U.S Presidents in order forward or backwards never mind his continued success in school. The reason I mention this here is that I believe that reality capture can aid in helping to build Mind Palaces and could be integral to bringing this simple memory technique to every school child in America and beyond.One of the greatest isssues with this technique is that individuals require a space that is large enough to develop a mind palace and that children require the support of an adult to help develop the skills to use one. Using Matterports technology and the ability to add tags to 3D models I have created a few simple examples of mind palaces. Please follow this link to see an example: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=MpHpeXEj84u. This example is a simple 3rd grade science test on plant biology that I have incorporated into a mind palace with suggestions on an image or linking method to use for each fact.(The suggestions are supposed to be ridiculous as this helps the individual to recall the information.) My intention for sharing this idea is to ask for help to facilitate a business model. I believe it maybe possible to develop mind palaces of  every school.  One scan can be copied hundreds of times and hosted by Matterport. Each copy can become an individual Mind Palace for a subject or for test review. Using Matterports' current pricing model it is actually very economical to achieve. If an average school is approximately 11,000 square feet it would be possible to create 100-150 individual models per school for approximately $1800 per year. A quick search on K thru 12 schools in America indicated that there are approximately 100,000 public and private schools. That equates to a 180 million dollar market at Matterports' current price structure. It is a huge opportunity in the U.S. alone never mind world wide. If you are interested in this idea please visit my website: digitalmindpalace.com for additional examples and a more in-depth overview. The password for the 100 Civics questions = Educate. I hope you found this post informative.



  • Very interesting and impressive.

  • Right up my ally ... I offer embedding of business content in 3D spaces for physical processes as a means to train staff. The concept of mind palaces intrigues me. I am very interested.

  • Fantastic.

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