Could  we get an update on any plans to offer a 'white space' for MSPs?

Now a little moan...

I totally understand that Matterport needs to push and advertise etc (it benefits all of us). However,  I really do feel that having spent thousands on cameras and a committing to a monthly subscription, that the branding needs to be fully customisable. I have meeting next week with a major property company and I know very well that the appearance of ANY logo other than their own will be a no-no. As broadcast Cameraman of sone 30 years standing, having the Matterport branding on my final scenes is no different to Sony or Panasonic insisting that their logo is on every programme I shoot!

I really don't want my potential customers to be able to 'know how it's done' 

Rant over.


That all said, it's clear that Matterport do listen and are continuously improving the system, but please, please can we get this one sorted?




  • I totally agree. I would be prepared to pay more, for the ability to integrate my clients or my own logo in my work.

  • I'm agree.

  • I don't know why you would be willing to pay for giving them free advertising. When I buy a new car I always require they not put the name emblem from the dealership on it. I have never been a fan of free advertising when paying good money for that product. We should be able to brand the finished product with whatever brand we desire. We are the ones who are creating the work with the tools that we purchase from them. Being forced to advertise for them is hard to swallow. 

  • so...what is the status of this issue of Matterport branding 

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