Could  we get an update on any plans to offer a 'white space' for MSPs?

Now a little moan...

I totally understand that Matterport needs to push and advertise etc (it benefits all of us). However,  I really do feel that having spent thousands on cameras and a committing to a monthly subscription, that the branding needs to be fully customisable. I have meeting next week with a major property company and I know very well that the appearance of ANY logo other than their own will be a no-no. As broadcast Cameraman of sone 30 years standing, having the Matterport branding on my final scenes is no different to Sony or Panasonic insisting that their logo is on every programme I shoot!

I really don't want my potential customers to be able to 'know how it's done' 

Rant over.


That all said, it's clear that Matterport do listen and are continuously improving the system, but please, please can we get this one sorted?




  • I agree with you Chris.  Being able to add the customers logo/branding on a scanned space could be a "make or break" issue for companies considering adding Matterport scans to their sites.


    We should be able to customize the starting logo/branding and add the customer's in place of the Matterport's.

    Matterport needs to be comfortable enough in the marketplace to begin scaling back its branding on the scans.

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    I fully agree with all of the arguments regarding how Service Providers should Never have to compete with the company that provides the base product and/or service.

    It's an additional slap in the face when your clients become your competitors, With the complete support and encouragement from the company through whom you are providing the service!

    My question is, isn't by now the cat out of the proverbial bag? Don't people instantly know they are looking at a Matterport Virtual Tour, not just because of a logo present, but because they recognize the doll-house view, etc? It's not exactly a secret anymore. Even my 91 year old mother-in-law asked me "Isn't that one of those virtual-matter thingy's?".

    "White Label", meaning no Matterport Logo, will no longer disguise the fact that it's a Matterport product. Count me as one who would not want to pay anything Extra for this privilege.

    I'm really (sadly) thinking that it is now too late for any effective way to keep our clients from potentially becoming our competitors. This would only have worked if Matterport had made a "Service Provider Only" business model from day one.

    It's not going to happen.

    Before you scourge me with heated replies, please know I'm on the Service Providers side of this. My input is merely (and sadly) a recognition of logic and reality. It is what it is.

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  • I have clients and myself would like to brand our tours with our logo.  This is a business for me and Matterport is a tool just like my Canon camera.  I see the Matterport camera as just that, a camera.  Canon or Nikon doesn't force the user to have their logo on all their pictures.  I had to explain to my last client that they could not have a copy of the scan file, only a link to the scan file and I could not put their company logo on the scan.  I hope I did not lose them as a client.  I can understand the file being stored with Matterport  but please explain why we are unable to add a company logo???  If we are able to add a logo, please explain how?



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  • Agree about the logo but you can suggest that the client downloads the space to the 3D Showcase on an iPad that can be viewed offline.

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  • I to would like to be able to add my logo or the client's logo and any other info for that fact. I would think that after being in business for the length of time they have been they should be more secure about their product. I agree with all of the above and hope they will make it easy for us to do this. We are their customers first and they should be willing to work with us who have paid the price to have their gear and sign up. 

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