New billing system 2018 and charge for excess number of models

I got notice just before Christmas (happy holidays to you too) that from february 2018 Matterport will start to charge for models exceeding the maximum number of models included in the hosting plan. In our case, having over 1200 models hosted, this is a quite a problem.

Already a year ago I asked for a free or very cheap archive functionality for models that need to be maintained but need not to be public or even usable without re-activation.

Our need for archive-maintenance comes from local law in Finland. Our customers are real estate brokers and law governing their business says that all materials used to market a real estate need to be stored 5 years after closing the deal. A quite common requirement in EU I would guess. In some earlier discussion on the subject someone questioned that the law really wouldn’t mean also 3D showcases, saying that the law is one thing and the reading of the law is other. However, in our case, the reading of the law is univocal. In Finland, 98% of real estate brokers have committed themselves to a code of conduct, written by two broker associations. It specifically names 3D showcases as a part of these materials.  

For us this means that all scanned models need to be maintained even 6-7 years from the date of processing the model. If we are charged for all of our models and not offered some other, cheaper way to archive them, the hosting fee forces us to raise our service fees to a much higher level, significantly decreasing the demand for Matterport services. As a solution in short term, before February, Matterport could change the way models are counted, e.g. only public models are counted as models to charge for. In long term, only archive functionality or local storage option (considering the recent changes in terms of service) would solve this issue so that we could continue growing our 3D business.

After a year from raising this issue, nothing has happened. Since the excess models are not charged so far, we have had time to wait the response and product development. But now when the billing systems changes, we need to take actions and decide on future services to ensure our business continuity and mitigate risks. I hope we get a quick solution from Matterport.



  • Hi Marko,

    I certainly understand the concern and the interest in archiving your Spaces.  Unfortunately, I have not yet heard of such a feature in the roadmap.  It's in a way very much like any other SaaS account.  For example, when you open up a Google account, they give you 15GB of space.  Whether your data is in the trash or "archived" or anywhere else in your Google account it counts towards the 15GB.  Once you empty the trash and actually delete data from the account, that's when the space is made available. If you want more than 15GB in your Google account, they're going to charge you for it. 

    That said, with Matterport you have access to all your raw data on your iPad.  Instead of archiving your Spaces in your Cloud account, you can archive your raw data to your own computer.  Archive as much as you want for as long as you want for free.  If you ever need to access the Space, you can load it back on to your iPad and upload it to your account. 

    I hope that helps and hopefully that workaround will actually work for you :)

    Have a great day.


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  • Hello Amir,

    I Pads come with limited storage. I was wondering if the Matterport App allows for the raw scans to be stored on external hard drives or memory sticks?




    Brian Graysmark

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