VR and GSV

Will Mattertags be visible in VR and/or Google Street Views in the future?  I remembered reading that they would probably be visible in VR at some future date.. is that true?  Is there an ETA?  What about GSV?



  • Great Question.  Mattertag posts are currently not available in VR or GSV, but you are correct in that sometime in the future the Product team is looking into making it work with VR.  Probaby not available in Google Street View since it's basically converting our technology into their service. No eta at this time on VR. Thanks!

  • Hi Tim, refering to the Mattertag Posts VR question. Do you have any indications to when it will be available for VR?

    Kr Torben

  • Hello Torben, 

    Long story short, we are working on them, and they should be available later this year, but it is too soon to say anything more specific just yet. 

    Currently we working to bring Floor Plan navigation to our WebVR offering. This is the first step in getting the interactive UI that will be needed for the more complex VR Mattertags. 

    I hope this helps

    - Keith S. 

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