GSV Beta - Open Beta Starting January 2018

Greetings All, 

As announced today, Matterport Pubishing to Google Street View is now in Beta. 

Starting off, we will be running a very small Limited Beta program for a handful of MSP's.  The purpose of this Limited Beta is to iron out a few remaining issues and to get the tools in better shape for the Open Beta that will be starting early next year (January 2018).

Matterport has already contacted all of the MSP's that will be participating in the Limited Beta at this time. User that were not selected as part of the Limited Beta will be able to test out the tools as a part of the Open Beta in January. We will send out addition information on the Open Beta as we get closer to its launch. 

If you have already signed up to be a GSV Beta Tester, you will be included in the Open Beta. If you have not signed up but would like to participate in the Open Beta, it is not too late.  You can sign up here:

If you have any questions specific the the Google Street View Beta, please feel free to post in this thread. 


Keith S.




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    Greetings All,

    As of earlier today (1/31/18), everyone that has signed up for the GSV Beta, and provided a valid e-mail, should have access to the Matterport GSV Publishing Beta tools.

    Unfortunately, there was a fair number of users that provided emails that we could not match to Matterport accounts and as such, could not be add to the GSV beta. We will be reaching out to these customers later this week with instructions for updating the e-mail they provided.

    If you have not yet signed up for the GSV Beta, and would like to, you can do so via our website:

    We will be adding new users about once a week going forward.


    Keith S.

  • Hi i have been signed up for the beta for awhile and i have a few scans that need google street view on them when will I have access to this feature? 

  • Hello Nick, 

    We are in the process of adding everyone that has signed up for GSV access to the Open Beta.  We anticipate everyone that signed up to have access by the end of this month if not sooner.  

    We have been adding users based on when they initially applied to the GSV beta.  First to apply, were the first added.

    If you do not have access yet, you should have it by Jan 31st.


    Keith S. 

  • Greeting All,

    We have added another large batch of users to the Google Street View Beta, and are on track to have everyone that signed up enabled by the end of this month.

    That said, regrettably, we have also run into a fair number of invalid e-mails that we could not match to Matterport accounts. For these users, we will reach out for an updated e-mail later this week or next and then add them shortly after.

    A big thank you to everyone that has used the GSV tools so far. And a huge thank you to everyone that has provided feedback.


    Keith S
    Product Manager Matterport

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