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Firstly, I'm new to Matterport and I'm loving every moment!

As I speak to various estate agents here in the UK, however, I am shocked at how cheaply people are offering their services! £120 regardless of size?!! How can people do that, considering the ongoing hosting fees...

I would welcome any comments from UK based "Matterporters!"

Dareth Evans




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  • I'm guessing an average house takes 2 - 3 hours then that means folk are valuing their time at £60 - £40 per hour. A larger house done properly say 4 to 5 hours then the rate drops to £30 - £24.

    That excludes the processing fee, travel, overheads, expenses, equipment depreciation etc. They're not making any money and devaluing a cutting edge product way too soon, its not like you're seeing these on every Estate Agents sites.

    That's why I don't do Estate Agents who only do cheap. I focus on commercial and other businesses that appreciate quality and are willing to pay sensible rates.

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