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I have a client who asked if it is possible to show a VR tour to multiple people at the same time. They want to invite a group of associates 6-8 persons (architects and designers) to watch a presentation with VR glasses at the same time. I understand that the phone solution does not work. They have seen some pictures of a studio with tens of people vearing VR glasses watching a 3D presentation.

Is this possible today? If yes, then how.


Jan Östman




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  • Why should this not be possible? You can display the VR tour on as many devices as you have. But I guess you mean a different approach with "guided" tours.

    Having a "guided" or "moderated" tour, where all viewers see the same content or even the other viewers as avatars at the same time is something different. For this you need a custom app which can be synced across the devices.

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