Introducing Single Login Functionality For Service Partners and Enterprise Customers

Do you have a lot of different clients across multiple organizations? To make it easier for you to run your business, you can now upload, contribute, edit, and manage your 3D Spaces across multiple accounts using just one login to Matterport Cloud (

If you currently log in to Matterport Cloud with many different emails, you can now merge them to use just one email login to upload, contribute, edit, and manage your 3D Spaces across multiple organizations.

This update will also enable you and your collaborators to access and manage their Spaces faster and more efficiently. Say goodbye to errors like “This user already exists” and strange additional email aliases you create for your collaborators. Now, you will be able to invite, manage, and empower your clients to access and edit their entire portfolio at their convenience, including hosting-only accounts.

We have also improved the Capture process as well - enabling you to easily choose the organization you would like to upload your Spaces into. This is a huge win for Service Partners and our large enterprise clients who manage multiple clients all over the world.

If you have additional questions about how to take advantage of this update, read our Help Center article or reach out to our Support team.



  • So where can I find a step by step for this?

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  • You can find out more details on how to do single sign on here

    If you have further questions, you can email us at

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  • So... if I have multiple accounts that my team contribute to - can multiple people merge accounts so that:

    My Account includes accounts A, B, C, D, E, F, G

    My assistant's account includes accounts A, C, E, G

    Because while I see this being useful - it doesn't appear to address multiple account contributions by multiple people.

    As the merge dialog states: "PLEASE NOTE once you merge profiles, your merged user login information will no longer be valid. We do not recommend merging any shared user logins you may have access to."


    I think this system is a bit confusing -- although I imagine that when creating new accounts in the future for contributors, it'll start to click.

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