Easily Linking Between Multiple Models

Here's some customer feedback from several clients, along with my own input. I would love to hear what the rest of you MSPs think of this. 

When scanning large spaces or areas where you must create multiple Matterport showcases to portray a space, linking using Mattertags + hyperlink is useful. Matterport recognizes that the URL comes from another tour and will open the link within the same iFrame. This proves to be disorienting for some of my customers, and their customers. There is no simple "back" button, and not everyone will find it intuitive to look for another Mattertag post in the new showcase which brings them back to the first one. This can get even more confusing if scanning a large commercial space with more than 2 individual models. 

I propose several possible solutions which I assume vary in complexity and practicality, some direct feedback from clients and others my own thoughts:

1. Matterport creates a button within the showcase window similar to the button we see for "floorplan, dollhouse" etc. to allow viewers to toggle between multiple tours. This can be generated automagically similar to the way hyperlinking to Matterport URLs automatically prompts the tour to open within the same window and not a new tab, etc. 

2. Allow for other tour's screenshots or highlight reel components to be added into the primary tour. 

3. Allow for the combining of multiple dollhouses into one master dollhouse. 

4. A back button within the showcase window. 

I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts??



  • Hi Boris,

    I've suggested to Matterport to allow for labeling Mattertags with a text based title.  Imagine instead of a bullseye symbol, you have a Mattertag with text?  In your case, it might say, "To next building" or "Click for next building."  You could put a corresponding tag in the next building to reference back to the first building, and so forth.

    I originally thought this might be useful to have a text based tag that reads "Welcome"  When the user clicks on it, a short video could pop up welcoming the client to the property, explaining some of the major features and encouraging the virtual visitor to click on additional tags for more info.

    I've often wanted to put a label on a door that reads "To basement" or "To garage" instead of putting a bullseye on a door.  Lots of possibilities.  Finally, since tags would be text based, it would scale to any language.  Just another idea.


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  • That's a great idea, I've often thought it would be nice to replace the target with a label with limited characters to explain its purpose.

    I've posted this in the Suggestions to Matterport section.

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