Some Needs of German speaking customers

Hi there 

As we talked with customers here in Switzerland and Germany, they asked about the possibility to integrate Matterport in a CRM Solution (like onOffice) Ogulo did this with a huge effect.

Because of the habit of the real estate owners in the DACH Region the needs is also to protect the Matterport tour with an Macro Login. Is there something in the pipeline?

Best Miro



  • Hi Miro,

    I'm very sorry to say, though this is not the first time we've heard of interest in login privileges to view a Space, there is nothing that I have heard of yet that will make it possible. 


  • Here´s a older more detailed thread on this:

    Also I requested this as a feature request about 2 years ago.

  • HI together

    Thanks for your feedbacks and sorry for my late reply.

    Maybe we have to collect all the Names of MSP`s which see in this a need of their customer and handover this to Matterport.

    Are you interested in opening a thread to collect the names of the interested MSP`s? 

  • Hi Miro, 
    I am trying now to integrate matterport link on CMR OnOffice, but I am not able to find the right way to do it, maybe  you have some suggestions? Is it only possible with Ogulo? 

    Thank you! 

  • Hi Valda

    I know that OnOffice and ogulo work closly together. The offices are in the same building. 

    At the moment i don`t have any way to integrate them, so sorry that i am not able to help in this case.

    Maybe if you create a Landingpage with Matterport and integrate them as a website.

  • Here a german detailed info for the integration of Ogulo:

    Therefore I guess they restrict the import to a special format or also the URL.
    To find out details on how to integrate Matterport if possible I would need the onOffice Software.

  • A english version but with german screenshots:

  • Thanks a lot Marcus

  • Thank you guys for answers :) 

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