How to speed up Guided Tour speed?


I've been wandering how can I speed up the transitions between the selected scans in the Guided Tour mode.

Doing some research I haven't found any forum where this issue is touch.

I found a couple of days ago a model that moved way fast! Around 2x time... and I loved it.

Thanks in advance for your support.



  • was it a guided tour activated in the model or a screen capture video of the tour?

    if it was a screen recording it could just be playing back at x2 speed.

    i saw one recently too and agree the speed was good.

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  • Hi Omar,

    There is something you can do to change the time at each scan position (&st=x), but not the transition time between positions.  Unless you're just interested in changing the transition time to improve screen recording or other reason that just has to do with your current 3D Showcase session.  If you're in Showcase, press the "p" button on your keyboard. Use the sliders to change the speed of your transitions.

    Keep in mind, this is only for the current session. Others who see your Space will not see any changes to the speed. 

    - Amir

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