Image Skewing Problem

I have an issue where images are skewing in very specific places, such as door handles and next to chairs.

Screen shots can be seen at:

Are there any guidelines I should be following to avoid this problems?

Many thanks in advance.




  • Hi @edward.caulfield  You might try other more scan density, so there is more data for stitching.  The shot by the large, gray vase has the camera pretty close to it so that could impact it.  Also try re-processing to see if there are any improvements.  

  • Hello William,

    Thanks for the input. I'll try to get back for a rescanning to improve density.

    Have you ever had similar situations? I get the impression that a minimum distance is required, which is a challenge in some settings.

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  • It usually happens to me on handrails on stairs. I think you need about 2 feet to be safe.

  • Hello Justin,

    Thanks for the information!

    Best Regards,


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