Multiple 360 Scans are hard to manage

i have a property i took 50 360 scans outdoors.  In order for me to get the pictures from them i have to click on the scan, click snapshot, then back, then try to remember what shot im currently viewing so that i can start this tedious process over again 50 times.

A next button would be the best solution as it would be as fast as taking the snapshots inside.  But at least a label would be great so i know which scan i'm looking at.




  • Yes, agree.

    Hope Matterport would also consider the below which may have already been highlighted by other MSPs before:

    1) Allow user to easily enter back into the 3D Tour from the 360 outside view. Example: an arrow at the entrance door. A simple click to enter the 3D Tour.

    From inside the 3D Tour, can have an "arrow" for user to click to go outside. 

    2) Can do a mini 360° virtual tour for all the outdoor 360 views. At the moment, user needs to open the Highlight reel and click on the 360 views snapshot to navigate around the exterior area. It would be a pain if there are 50 outdoor 360° views like above property that Martin did.

    It would be nice to be able to insert "arrows" where user can click to move around the exterior 360° views easily. May not be as immersive as a 3D Tour, however much better than clicking from highlight reel. 

    3) To be able to insert mattertags into the 360° views.




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  • For point 1 and 2 I agree it would be useful if  360° views could be 'associated' to the 3D model in some way to allow what is being suggested.
    Perhaps a 360° view could be linked to the last scan point of the model and then re-linked at another scan point to re-enter the model.

    I suspect however that the lack of 3D data in the views may be an issue here.

    With regards to point 3 it isn't possible to add Mattertags for the same reason I suggested might be an issue above as they need to attach themselves to the mesh of a scan. As there is no 3D data in a 360° view there is nothing for it to attach to.

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  • Actually what I am suggesting are very similar to what most 360° virtual tours are already doing. They are probably called "information tags" displaying the details and then "arrows" to move around the 360° panoramas. If these 360° virtual tours can do these without 3D data, then why can't Matterport? 

    In summary, it is something like 3D Tour (for interior) and then 360° Tour (for exterior). And both Tours can enter into each other easily through some form of "tags"? 

    For now, I would prefer embedding 360° photos into the 3D Tour to show exterior views rather than inserting 360° snapshots to show in highlight reel.  

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