Doorways and alignment

Unfortunately this is the first time I've had this issue and just wondered if there's a work-around. What do you do when you have 2 doors opening on opposite sides into a narrow corridor for kitchen and bathroom but you need to walk past to get to the main entrance but the gap between them is so small it appears closed off from the tour (and it looks really poor)? I tried scanning multiple times at close proximity to existing scans with the doors closed and then open but it wouldn't align. The only thing I could think of at the time was just take a 360 of the hall with the doors closed so people can see how it looks.. Modern Houses eh.....



  • @sitimms


    This is a difficult one!

    I personally would have scanned the kitchen and used a 360 for bathroom. 

    How extreme are you? I have heard of others taking the doors off!

    Here is one I did but it wasn't that bad. 

  • Hey there, 

    @justinv has the right idea (good job, by the way!! what a maze)

    Basically you do your best at leaving the door open at about a 45 degree angle. Just enough to squeeze in with line of sight scans into the side rooms and around the doors in the hall to walk through the hall. Use door stops if you need to. 


  • @matterport-christine

    Thanks, just want to make sure I get the job done the first time.

    I had already pushed my luck going out the backdoor with no extra scans and getting the garage with my door trick, so I wasn't going to push my luck. I thought about leaving one bathroom door closed but I wanted to make sure it was correct on the floor plan.

  • Other than what you did, only option is door removal.  These are a bit challenging.

  • @sitimms

    I was doing a scan today and came across a door that was to an 1/2 bath. I always scan garage for the floor plan, so I thought I will never be able to pull off two doors opening and closing so close together. I thought back to this thread and said to myself, I just gave some advise on how to handle this......

  • Thanks for this guys. Only just had chance to respond. I will make sure I have some screwdrivers at the ready next time:) 

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