[Newsletter, 10/18/17] Introducing 3rd Party Offerings, Haunted Dollhouse Contest, and New Blog Posts


Build Your Brand and Business with 3rd Party Offerings for Matterport

Calling all Matterport customers and Service Partners: we are excited to announce the launch of our 3rd Party Offerings page on Matterport.com! Whether you’re looking for unique 3D Showcase experiences to differentiate your services, additional features from your 3D Spaces, or marketing tools to help build your brand, we have a talented directory that can help meet your needs and extend the value of your Matterport investment.

We’ve compiled a list of vendors which include: 1) developer applications that can work with the Matterport Spaces you’ve already created 2) marketing services that can help you win more business 3) merchandise to grow your client base and 4) much more to come! Check out our approved third party offerings below to start using them today!


If you’d like to become a featured vendor on our 3rd party offerings page, please send an email to developer@matterport.com for app submissions and marketingvendors@msp.com for services/merchandise submissions.

[CONTEST] Submit your Spooky Spaces to win!

Show off your best October-themed Space for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Is your Dollhouse haunted? Matterport is holding another Spooky Spaces contest this October and we want you to show us your best spooky-themed Spaces. Whether it’s a creepy costume store, a haunted house, or even just a seasonal event - we want to see it!

To participate, read the rules on our Community here.


Fresh on the Blog: The Incredible Benefits of Scanning a Damaged Home

by Eric Overton, Matterport Service Partner

Eric Overton is a Matterport Service Partner in the Houston, Texas who experienced firsthand the terrible impact of Hurricane Harvey. Though the damage was severe, Eric was able to use his Matterport camera to document the conditions of his home to facilitate the insurance claims process. To read about Eric’s experience and to learn more about scanning for insurance purposes, read his blog here.





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