Unlisted setting for 3D Space, on top of Public and Private

Hi Matterport,

Now that you have an official Facebook group, not sure if you are still looking at this community forum? 

Was emailing with your Support and understand that the below sentences are untrue

"Public Spaces can be viewed by anyone on the internet with the sharing link. However, they are not indexed. This means they will not appear in any search engine results."

"The only way someone can access your public Spaces is if they have the sharing link or if it is embedded on your website."

Source: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/articles/208320148-4-Make-your-Space-Public-Share

In reality, the Public Space's URL becomes discoverable and indexed by search engine once it has been embedded in a public website. Because you only have 2 settings i.e. Public or Private. 

I would like to suggest having an "Unlisted" setting similar to YouTube. Unlisted means the space will never appear in any search engine and can only be accessed if someone have the sharing link or if it is embedded on a website. 

Unlike a Private setting, Unlisted URL does not require a collaborator login. Unlisted URL can be embedded, but not a Private space. 

Appreciate Matterport to seriously consider adding this Unlisted feature soonest. 

In the interim, please amend the "misstatement" and "misleading information" in your websites. Please be clear that any Public Space embedded or shared will become searchable and indexed by search engines. 

Thank you.




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