Matterport Suggestion: Mattertags inside VR tour

I assume this may have been requested by many MSP's, but having the ability to interact with multi-media Mattertags within a virtual reality (VR) tour would be awesome.

I'd appreciate it if someone at Matterport could reply back with whether this idea is in the pipeline, or whether it may be feasible down the road.

Thank you,

Peter Schiffmacher

Founder, iTours 360VR



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  • Hello Peter,

    As mentioned in the Floor Plan Navigation announcement, Mattertags for VR are in development.  That said, we do not have a date for when they will be available just yet. 

    The current road map has us first bringing Floor Plan Navigation to WebVR, followed by Mattertags later this year. 



    Matterport Customer Success

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