Public Beta of New 3D Showcase


We’ve been hard at work improving 3D Showcase, the online web player that you and your audience use to explore your 3D Spaces.

Most of the changes are organizing our code on the backend. These changes are invisible to users for now, but going forward this will make it easier for us as a company to grow and innovate across all our products (3D Showcase, Workshop, WebVR, etc).

We’ve also further evolved our front-end user interface. Read more about our design changes.

Previously, this beta was only open to a small group. Today we’re making this a public beta available to all Matterport users.



Log in to Matterport Cloud ( Click the Try the new 3D Showcase (Beta) link at the top.


Open the button on the top-right to send feedback or report an issue.


Finally, we know that many of you love to customize 3D Showcase and especially your Guided Tours.

On Guided Tours, each highlight will pan in the direction of the next highlight. Previously, the direction it panned was not clear until you actually made and explored the Guided Tour. This is a small change, but it will make your Guided Tours feel more natural and comfortable.

We’ve also introduced two new URL parameters:


Walkthrough speed. For Guided Tours in walkthrough mode, this parameter adjusts the transition speed between scan positions. For example, &wts=2 means 2 meters per second between each pano. We recommend a speed in the range of 1 to 3 (default is 2).


Floorplan view. Enable or disable the UI button for Floorplan View. 0 is disable, 1 is enable. Default is 1.

Remember there are many other URL parameters you can use to customize behavior in 3D Showcase. You can use these URL parameters right now — these are all public and not part of the beta.

Support for WebVR is not currently available in the 3D Showcase beta, but is coming soon.



Thank you for participating in the beta! Your feedback is very important — we use it to improve the product for you and all Matterport users.

We know that 3D Showcase is a core part of the Matterport experience, so your participation in the beta helps us make it “rock-solid” before a full public release.

For feedback, please fill out our feedback form or email us directly at



  • I attempted adding the disable floorplan view and it did not work I could still view the floorplan in the model.

    This is a feature my client asked for yesterday, so I was happy when I saw this might be a possibility.

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  • Hi Leon!

    Thanks for trying it out.

    &fp=0 floorplan only works with the showcase beta. So for example,

    Notice the 'beta' in the URL. That's different from the URL you gave.  &fp=0 only works for the beta version of Showcase, not the current production version. 

    Also, it only works if you are logged in to It doesn't work if you aren't logged in (so you can't share my link with clients yet).

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  • I generally really dig the new showcase Beta, the design is very nice and I like it better than the current. Is this Beta only accessible to MSPs, or can we deliver this new version of showcase to clients? I don't see the automatically generated URLs for beta as an option in workshop. 


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  • Hey Boris,

    Cool, thanks! Sorry, it's not ready to distribute to clients. The link with showcase-beta in the URL, like this one for example:

    is only accessible if you're logged into For now please continue to share the normal link with clients:

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  • Ok good to know! One question, showcase beta seems to have some LOD steps now, where as the old showcase didn't (I don't think). Is this a new load time optimization feature in anticipation of higher resolution imagery from Pro 2 cameras, onwards? I only tested the new showcase beta from my latest pro 2 shoot and haven't seen if older pro 1 tours display in full resolution immediately (no LOD), but it's the only thing I noticed about the new showcase beta that didn't seem as refined as the existing showcase viewer. One of my favourite things about Matterport showcase over Street View is how Matterport spheres always load right away at full resolution. Street View loading through the LOD steps just makes it seem more... Ghetto haha.

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  • You got my attention in the email announcement when I read "with predictable camera panning logic".

    Uh, but I don't find any reference to this in the explanation.  My top complaint about Showcase, forever, is that we MSPs do not have control to, i.e., go to a "Snapshot" at scan position 25 and from the start image, pan right.  Then go to the captured "Snapshot" at scan position 30 and from that image, pan left.  I understand (most of the time) WHY the camera pans right or left based on the relationship between the previous position and the current, but Showcase will never be fully functional until we can impose the pan to be right or left.  The automatic functioning simply is wrong in many real world situations.

    Okay, so "with predictable camera panning logic" sounds like you've finally fixed this, but I see no explanation.  Please fill in the details, this is a huge issue.

    Thanks so much.

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  • I was so excited about "predictable camera panning logic" but this isn't what I'd hoped it would be. My wishlist for camera panning in the Guided Tours would be either:

    1. Use the snapshot as the middle of the pan, not the start of the pan.

    2. Allow us to provide pairs of snapshots taken from the same panorama to define the beginning and end point of the pan. This would require some additional coding in the tour for MSPs to tag pairs intended to be used like this.

    But I'm so tired of pans that start in a great spot and then pan over to a crappy one.  It's usually not worth the extra time it would take to fix this with the current setup and interface.

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