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Good evening.

we have a project to be done and we need a confirmation.

Till now all our project's was max till 250 scans.

The villa we have to scan now is 1200 sqm interior space in 3 floors and 5000 exterior space, including spa,basket court, tennis court, mini soccer court and pool of course.

The property is fenced with high wall.

We know about the light/sun and the exterior scans, so we schedule to scan the exterior early in the morning or a cloudy day.

Our question is, do you believe a space like this gonna be a successful model? We believe that its gonna take about 600 - 900 scans.



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  • Not sure if you got an answer but yes I think it is possible. You need a new iPad with as much memory as you can afford. I would do say 200 scans, duplicate and continue. Duplicate every 200 or so scans, so if something happens, you do not have to start completely over. If you do not complete in one day, upload before you go back for the rest of the project.

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