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i scanned a hotel with 4 floors. I made scans during 2 days, therefore light is different in different floors. 2d floor was scanned in the evening, next floors next day in the morning. 2d floor doesn’t look good when it is dark outside the window. 

Is it possible in any way to rescan 2d floor? 


Thank you in advance for your help






  • Hi Anastasiya - yes, as long as you did not delete the model from your iPad.  As long as they didn't move any large objects all you need to do is make a copy of your model in Capture, then using the 'copy' rescan the 2nd floor in daylight.  Once it is processed, you can simply 'turn off' the unwanted (evening) scan points.

    Or, you could make a copy, then delete the 2nd floor scans and rescan the 2nd floor.  This option is best if they have moved anything.

    Once the light drops outside, in interior reflections are horrible and as you found out do not make a nice presentation.

    On the brighter side, at least you don't have to scan both floors.  :)


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  • Hi William,

    Thanks for your help! I will try to rescan the 2d floor, but as I finished my scanning in the 4th floor I am afraid that alignment error will appear, if I start to scan from the 2d floor..


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