OBJ Download now costs an additional 49 USD per Object (so 150% price increase/object?)

Just another feature that was delivered as part of the platform and included in the generated model and now you make us pay another 49 USD again per model?? Thats a 150% price increase per scanned object.

(and I am not talking about the point cloud model, which was supposed to be free only for the time being in beta, which is ok)

In todays newsletter it says:

"Note: The auto-generated MatterPak™ Bundle will replace the current manually-generated Point Cloud Beta program. As part of this new automation process, OBJs will only be available with the MatterPak™ Bundle." (which costs an additional 49 $).

Where before it was

"You can download the OBJ file for any Space you have Editor access to." and

"If you're interested in creating a local backup for any reason, here’s a list of all the Matterport assets that you can download and store locally."



So, you take us this ability, too?

Please correct me if I am wrong, but Matterport

- sells us a proprietary camera 

- to be used on a proprietary platform (with monthly premium costs and per object charges)

- and now just reduces features as they like - anytime they want to (or tweak them to be a hidden surcharge of 150% of todays object scan price).

So what comes next? Getting charged for downloading JPEG`s or 360-photos?
Either I got something wrong - so please correct me - or something is going quite wrong here.



  • I'm outraged too.
    I already have active contracts with clients, to provide point cloud files for wall and pipe analysis.
    My cost is already high, my price is low, my profit is small, and if you have this change, I'm screwed, I'm going to have a problem to fulfill the contract.
    I do not think this is real, I hope it is wrong or that the value of 49.00 is a monthly amount for all scanned files. And not just for every scan.

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  • 360 DE & Eduardo,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We understand there will always be customer frustration when prices are raised. We are internally discussing the feedback and will circle back early next week with more of an official response.




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  • Thanks for the answer.
    And I'm glad you're reviewing these measures.
    I already have contract with builders, that I need to provide the cloud files to points for all the checks performed.
    That's because it's always been free.
    Otherwise, I'll have to pay in my pocket or I'll lose credibility with my clients.

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  • I think its a bit 'off' to start charging for the .obj after its been available for so long for free just because interest is now picking up.

    I think the .obj should stay as a free download.

    Point Clouds I suspect can be treated differently as they have always been a special request, although I think $49 is a bit steep. $20 is nearer the mark in my opinion.

    @Eduardo Ampuero da Silva

    Surely your customers will understand the need for you to start charging for any assets that are no longer supplied to you for free?

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  • This is the outcome of your internal "discussion"? Seriously?

    Sorry, this is a slap in the face.

    And your position is just missing an important part: you sold us a camera with certain features, without your SaaS the camera isn't worth a penny. This is a closed system.
    I don't care when you introduced the OBJ as a feature, at the time I bought the camera this was a feature, now it is gone and you additionally charge for it. So the camera is not working anymore as it was advertised. You cannot suddenly take features away or charge big bucks. Period.

    With that please take back the camera for a full refund and I hope many people do the same, as this is a brick for me now.

    This is no way to treat loyal customers.

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  • I've emailed support@matterport.com about this issue and got the following reply:

    "Sorry to hear that the full Matterport experience is likely out of your price range at this point. Have you heard our Scenes application? Its used for smaller spaces or objects as you describe and compatible with the ASUS ZenFone AR and the Lenovo Phab2 Pro."

    I just wish they would have told me the price of the "full Matterport experience" BEFORE I bought a Matterport camera...

    Way to go guys...

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  • I bought my matterport camera just over a month ago only for the purpose of creating point clouds. It is worthless to me otherwise. I should have been notified that this was the intent during the purchase process. I'm already paying $99 per month for the subscription fees. This is not cool.

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  • Zach,
    I also have the same opinion and also have the camera very punctual clouds.
    I already have a contract signed with my clients on the engineering side to deliver the cloud point file. But now with that extra cost, I'll have to deliver.
    I do not know what I do if I lose my credibility in front of my clients and review the value, or if I conclude contracts with them. Or I lose money (too big).

    I'm very disappointed with this new charge. Tomorrow will be the most?

    The least they can do is create a monthly plan, so I can download all the checks on cloud point files.

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  • I am also outraged! Except of the pictures, there are no deliverables.

    I just got a big project (12.000 square meters) and the architect was already asking for the xyz/obj files.

    Do i have to tell my customer that he needs to pay +-500€ more for receiving the files? or do I cut down my own profit for this the prices are already sharp.

    Instead of talking money out of matter ports clients pockets, MP could provide this feature included in the monthly plan (which we already pay a lot for).

    Not satisfied at all !!! 



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