Hands-free iPad cases to use in Matterport workflow

Hi Guys, 

We noticed a flow of Matterport camera users to our store at Strotter.com. We make and sell hands-free ipad cases with straps. Our Across cases - as we found out - work extremely well in a Matterport workflow. I decided to come to the source and make you all aware of that. We have been told that our cases are by far the best option out there.  To understand how they work exactly you have to watch the videos. 

Here is the pic of a 12.9" Across case. This one is made in Italy. we have them in black and some in cognac, as shown. 

I hope some of you who use our Strotter cases would chime in.

We also make a special messenger bag with a similar design.



Serge at strotter



  • Hi Serge,

    I bought your Strotter case. It is very useful and convenient to use during scan jobs. The straps are great, easily adjustable. 

    The outside leather material is nice.

    Edited : However, the inside material is bad. All these small black Lint came off easily and get onto my shirts during every job. 

    Lastly, the price is a little steep. 

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  • Jack, what is your specific case model - as in which iPad and when did you buy it?

    Just trying to narrow down the particular batch. 

    When you say stain, I guess it does not really stain, but leaves some lint? Drop me an email and I will see what we can do. In the meantime, take a brush and try to brush it off?



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  • Serge,

    Yes, you are right. Sorry, I meant lint, not stains. 

    I bought this https://strotter.com/products/leather-case-with-strap-for-ipad-pro-12-9 

    Well, it depends on what shirt I am wearing. Below photo is from today's job. Sometimes, it may be worse. 

    Yes, however a scan job can lasts several hours. I keep brushing and brushing until I give up and just wait till end of the day. 

    Nevertheless, it is still a great product. Though I would recommend using a different material for the inside. 

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  • Nice shirt :)  This rubbing off thing depends on what exactly you are wearing, I guess.Even though you are the only one so far to comment on this, I hear you. Point taken.

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  • Thank you Serge.

    Anyway, this is just a small issue. Overall, Strotter is a great product and recommended for Matterport jobs.  (: 

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