Snapshot measurement exports are not accurate (length/width ratio)

The exported snapshots are constantly not correct in length / width ratio. I run a test with 2 walls in attached snapshot using a laser measuring device.

While measuring the wall distances in the workshop measurements are reflected quite well. But when exported the L/W ratio is way off. As such these images can't be used as background image for creating floorpans. 

Check in attached screenshot the photoshop selection tool fixed on the equal measurement ratio and it does not reflect in a correct ratio.

Any others have noticed this or is it a problem using metric instead of U.S. (imperial)?



  • I have the same issue. Waiting on answer for this as well. Cost me many field hrs on top of this $4500 machine.

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  • I figure it out, I think!
    Heres what I did.
    Instead of matterport snapshot feature, I used screen shot feature from my iPad. With the referenced dimensions i had from site visit, numbers came out correct in both X and Y. I will now try from my desktop.
    Please let me know if this helped.

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