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hello everybody, when using the Matterport VR app My auto settings are not working, my option settings are on automatic for a walk trough motion but it is not working, it is fading black as a select the blue dots to make a move. I already closed the app, turn off the phone and still fading to black, I use a iphone 6. any idea of fixing this, thank you.



  • Hello Alex, 

    Regardless of settings, only Matterport Spaces that have previously been converted to CustomVR support fly-through style transitions. 

    CoreVR Spaces only support the "fade to black" style navigation. 


    Keith S. 

    Matterport VR

  • this is on the page: 

    Fly-Through Transitions Now Off by Default in the Matterport Gear VR App Avatar Matterport VR July 07, 2017 16:04 Greetings All,

  • Cross posting this from the Matterport Offical Users Group Facebook Page:

    Greetings All, 

    There appears to be some confusion on this subject. 

    Staring off, yes, at one time Matterport did offer two very different VR experiances at two very different prices: CustomVR and CoreVR. 

    CustomVR Spaces, were our original VR offering. They were manually processed by a team of Artists to ensure optimal performance in VR. This was a fairly labor intensive process that required many hours of work per Space. This process was rather costly and did not scale. As such, CustomVR Spaces were considered a premium services and prices accordingly. Addionally, they often had long turn around time of 2-4 weeks. CustomVR Spaces offered "fly-through" style transitions that some early users found very appealing. Many other uses, however, found that after the first 20 or so seconds of "wow" fly-through style navigation was rather uncomfortable and caused a fair amount of motion sickness.

    Our second, much more popular, VR offering is CoreVR. It is with CoreVR that we were first able to truly offer VR to all of our customers. Using a ridiculous amount of ingenious coding, CoreVR Spaces are procedurally generated. Because of this, we are able to create CoreVR Spaces faster, cheaper, and at scale. Currently, every Matterport Space is converted to CoreVR for free. CoreVR Spaces have always used "fade-to-black" style of navigation. 

    While some feel that "fade-to-black" navigation is not as 'flashy' as "fly-though" navigation, we have done a lot of user testing with this, and most users actually prefer "fade-to-black" and end up spending a lot more time viewing a larger number of Spaces in VR with these settings vs "fly-through" style navigation. 

    The change we made in our VR apps back in July of this year only affected the default setting within our VR apps. The actually settings to individual VR Spaces were unchanged. CustomVR Spaces still support "fly-through" navigation as they always have. Users are free to override the default settings at any time by going to the Options menu within the Matterport VR app. That said, this does not change the fact that only CustomVR Spaces support fly-though navigation. CoreVR Spaces do not now, nor have they ever supported "fly-through" navigation. 

    All of this said, recently we did suspended CustomVR conversion for new Spaces. This change was made only in the last couple of weeks, and is not related to the default settings change. While we will continue to support CustomVR Spaces that have already been converted, the decision was made to put the creations of new CustomVR Spaces on hold in order to focus development resources on other VR features. 

    Some of the things we are currently working on (or soon to work on) are things like improved navigation in large Spaces, Mattertags in VR, and WebVR for iOS. There are also a bunch of other small things we want to look at as well, including looking at improving transitions for our CoreVR Spaces. 

    I hope this information helps. 


    Keith S. 

    Product Manager Matterport VR

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