Zooming in embedded images

Hi Matterport,

I met with a potential customer earlier. They wish to showcase a workshop with posters, documents, drawings, graphs etc on a wall for their senior management.

I am using the Pro Camera, and after zooming in to the maximum, trust that the content, wordings, graphs etc would definitely be very blur and unreadable. 

I provide them a solution to embed an image into mattertags. However, the embedded image in mattertag has its own limitation too. The image size depends on the user's screen size. Again, hardly readable. 

So, the last solution I had for them is to add an external URL link for them to open the image in an external page. They are not pleased with this solution as they have many items to showcase and it would be very troublesome to click on external links on every one of them. 

Is there a way for user to be able zoom in on the images in mattertags? 




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