Announcing Matterport Academy!

Dear Matterport,

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Matterport Academy!  

Matterport Academy features 11 new tutorial videos for new Matterport users, covering everything from the basics of using the capture app, to trimming models, and editing scans. These videos will be featured in the 
Matterport Academy playlist on the Matterport YouTube channel.  

Check out the videos below:

Video 1: Introducing the Matterport capture app

Video 2: Connecting to the camera

Video 3: Coping with Alignment Errors & Misalignments

Video 4: Marking Windows, Mirrors and Trim

Video 5: Uploading to the Cloud

Video 6: Coping with sunlight

Video 7: Generating a Complete 3D Model

Video 8: All About Floors

Video 9: Best Practices for Scanning Outdoors

Video 10: Scanning repetitive spaces

Video 11: Edit Scans

All of these videos star Amir Frank, Matterport’s Customer Support lead.  If you haven’t talked to him on the phone before, you may have seen his friendly face on one of Matterport’s Support webinars. Amir, along with the Customer Success team, is always working hard to help all Matterport users to achieve the best experience possible. We considered the most frequently asked questions as we developed the content and curriculum for these videos.

We want to hear from you!

Whether you’re a new or advanced user, we want to hear from you!  If you have any ideas for videos that would have like to see, please let us know by emailing For those looking for more materials, be sure to check out the Matterport Help Center.   

We hope you find Matterport Academy helpful.


Team Matterport





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