Redesign the Highlight Reel Bar.

The tab that opens the highlight reel, the previous, play, and next buttons are very large when the highlight reel is open.

What if, when open, the left arrow was on the LEFT of the carousel, the right arrow was on the RIGHT of the carousel, and the ability to auto-play was the default option when clicking on an image.  After all, that could be disabled in workshop, or disabled when navigating by simply taking over control?

The highlights reel is one of my favorite features.  It's just too bulky.





  • I totally agree... I have many users that view spaces on mobile devices and the highlights reel cover almost half the screen.

  • Yup.  I think on mobile, it might make more sense if it was swipable from the side.  Still, that terms / help bar at the bottom wastes screen space and adds bulk.  I have no problem with those links, but it's not optimal to have them there.  Bad UI/UX design.  Top right, where it was before, was fine.

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