Better Rendering Quality option for IPAD

Hey everyone, I am trying to get Matterport to update the iPad application for viewing the created Scans with a better quality rendering which will show the finished product in what looks like, higher resolution.

I think it needs to have an option that allows you to choose the quality of the rendered scans. Currently, if you use your iPad to show off the final product of your work or as a selling tool instead of walking around with a laptop, you only get a lower quality render. It doesn't show a clarity difference to than the original Matterport camera even though the Pro2 is night and day difference.

I had asked Matterport, and they said that iPads might not handle it well but the newer iPads handle just about anything, scoring just as high as some of the 13" Macbook Pros. 

Otherwise, the only way to view the quality of the new Pro2 is to be sitting in front of a computer.

One of the great things about the iPad is the actual app that allows you to save your scans without needing the internet to view them and if we had the option, at least newer ipads would have the ability to use its retina screen for good use.

We just need to ask them enough so they at least look at making it an option in future updates.




  • You of course have to remember that you are limited by the resolution of your iPad so if that is less than the Matterport tour there is nothing Matterport can do to make that any better.

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  • The 10.5 iPad Pro has a resolution of 2224-by-1668. My computer monitor at my desk has 1920x1080. My computer monitor shows a more fully rendered version of the final product. The iPad does not get the fully rendered version.

    I guess it's less about the resolution and more about the rendering in the iPad app. They limited it thinking the iPad isn't powerful enough to handle it. All the iPads of the last several generations have at least 1920x1080 displays if not more.

    Again, I think I mean to say that there should be a option for full rendering since resolution is not really an issue.

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