Practice, practice, practice

When a new MSP first gets their camera I'm sure there is a lot of excitement, and some anxiety because the technology is new to them.  With the cost of the equipment, subscription and per model charge, we all pay attention to our costs.

But one cost is an investment.  The cost of practicing different techniques of scanning and marking the minimap.  Most likely practice on their own home or perhaps a friend or a neighbor.

Once you make a model, create a couple copies of it and practice going out an exterior door to capture some exterior scan points.  These can be done most easily nearest sunrise or sunset, heavily clouded days.  You can also have good success when the sun is at its highest peak (12pm-2pm).  Practice at each different time frame to see the results.

Purposely mark a couple windows the wrong direction to see the result.  Don't mark a mirror on an exterior wall and don't mark a couple windows to see the artifacts/scatter that is prevented with proper marking.  (You can actually use 1 window marking for an entire side of a building or wall instead using separate markings.)  

Mark with and without trim to see what happens.  (Generally the only time I use trim is if I have exterior scan points included in the Space.)

Try scanning without marking mirrors and see how it goes.  Mark a mirror in the wrong direction and then scan and see if you get alignment.

Practice different distances from closed doors to see how far away you need to be so they are 'open' to walk through.  I've found that often scanning a door open first, and then closed allows it to 'open' closer to the door and still be able to walk through it.

 Intentionally scan a door with the door in different positions as you approach.  Approach a door with it open, scan, closed scan, open, scan to see what happens.  Use the Mesh mode to see if there are artifacts hanging in the way.

Leave out (or delete) a key scan point to see how it impacts navigation.  

All it really takes is time, because there is no processing fee for processing copies.  Just be sure to delete any models you don't want to keep.

Here's an example of what can go wrong if mirrors aren't marked properly and one isn't paying close enough attention scan alignment in the correct place.

Mirror & Alignment mess 



  • @William Robinson - Hey Bill thanks for that post!  Also, love the link to mirror and alignment mess.  Words of wisdom from someone that knows; I've admired your work for a while!

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  • @william Robinson

    I have learned a lot from your post and @lisa Hinson's post.

    I did a video about the door opening trick and showed the only way I use the trim tool. I put it up about a month ago but it was buried in the threads!

    I will repost it if you want me to? It is something I put together at my home for another member on the forum that asked me for a video on how I made the doors open when you step on that scan circle.

    I always try and help other MSPs when I can!

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  • Hi @justinv  I learn from your postings too - such as the use of the trim tool!  Yes, do repost it.   

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  • Here is the video. I did this in my house to show someone on this forum how to make doors open when you step on that scan. They saw a scan that I used that trick and asked about it. By default, I also was able to show the door trim trick to go outside on the front porch. It is a little long but for someone starting out, hopefully it helps! 

    Here is the tour with all extra scans:  

    Tour like I would present it to client:  

    This might be considered an extension of your closet peeks? I stumbled on this by accident on my second scan. It was 12,000 sqft house with detached guest house that had to be on the tour. It just kind of happened and I thought that looks good!

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  • @justinv really enjoyed watching the youtube video!! *thumbs up*

    Thanks for sharing again - I didn't see it the first time.

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