Wi-Fi Connection with Pro2

Hi Matterport Community,

We’ve recently discovered a strange new “feature” in the Matterport Pro2 and we’re working hard to make it right so those affected can be back on their feet ASAP and anyone that may become affected will know what to expect and plan accordingly.

To make a long story short, the Pro2 is currently inoperable in the following 6 countries.

North Korea
Sri Lanka

Even if you have a Pro2 and it’s working for you just fine, once you shut down the camera in any of the listed countries, the next time you boot it up, the Wi-Fi network will no longer work. Currently the only solution is to take the camera back to a country not listed, boot up the camera, shut it down and then boot up again.

The Pro2 detects which country it is in via GPS, and if necessary, adjusts the power and Wi-Fi frequency band  to comply with regional regulations. There is a bug that causes this issue only when the codes for these six countries are used.

For anyone planning a job with the Pro2 in any of the listed countries, it’s recommended that you hold off until the next firmware release or use a Pro instead. The Matterport Pro camera is not affected in the same way because it does not have the GPS and country-specific Wi-Fi adjustment present in the Pro2.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. We will be updating you with more information about the next firmware release that will resolve the issue.

As always, thanks very much for your understanding.

- Amir




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