What did I do wrong...?

Hi everybody,

Today I was doing a test at an outdoor shopping centre. I know scanning outside is difficult, but I've seen people do it!! 

I did a small part and uploaded it and in the result, when I move from one scan to the next, I see parts of the scan "jumping/flying".

I do not know what I did wrong.

Does any of you have an idea? 




  • @eva

    The first thing I see is it is way too bright outside. You have to scan literally an hour before dark or right after the sun comes up.

    The next thing, not sure about this one, people are walking around. When you do the scans, everything needs to be in the same place.

    The surroundings might be too similar. The windows and railing looks the same to the sensor.

    It can be done but is very frustrating when first attempting outdoor scanning. I would be on the side of too dark than too light.

    Go out back to pool and on the back left hand side, it was pitch black outside. There is a little alignment with the pool but it will give you an idea what can happen.


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  • Not sure its THAT bad to be honest as a first attempt.

    You'd probably get a better effect as the light gets less intense but the majority of the scanning is fine in my opinion. You often get bits of the 3D elements being visible as you move through the model so I don't see that as an issue when transiting between points.

    If people walk through your scan then either delete that scan point from your final model, halt the scan and wait or if they remain still while being scanned leave it as long as they're OK with being in the model

    A bit of detail that would annoy me is the scrap paper on the floor.so ensure you check the area before starting. 

    Here's a pure outdoor scan I did at sunset but I think the location helps :)


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