Use of an API to share and un-share a space

Hi gentlemen, 

We would like to use a automatic system that will allow my Realtors to send the URL to a potential buyer without fearing that this Link will be reused by a Competitor of my realtor . My realtor is fearing to lose its advantage to have made the Scan by himself, then.

We were thinking a way about enabling Sharing by Web services .

Is it feasible ?

Do you allow us to activate by program this on a specific model?





  • At the moment this is not possible. Would also love to have protection like e.g. on Vimeo Pro. Have already made a product request for this feature.

    Technically it´s totally simple.

  • Yes i dont understand the problème toi make it happen 

  • Is somebody could tell us if this has been made available or if there is a future plan to be available .

    Thanks a lot 

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