Change in the Business model for MSP

Hi all, 

I'm the VP of a new MSP in France that is creating the company and believe in the technology and in the market trends of virtualization.

I would like to put my two cents and propose a Business model that should be the good ones, this is the ones that all Software Editors are applying in the world.

1) Matterport should sell cameras only to a LIST of Big accounts in each territory where the COST OF SALES is very important, need to make lobby, use influence to VPs, etc... and on which MSP Locally can not achieve the sales, the company has been often NAMED : CENTURY 21, NEXITY, ORPI . I would like that here MATTERPORT Publish a list of these Companies they want to target as sales. OFTEN this rule applying compare to a criteria of TURNOVER like companies with more than 10M$ of turnover. AIRBNB , Gite de France, Se loger, le boncoin, etc... By paying a fee to these companies, theses sites will open to our services the MP VIRTUAL TOUR.

Behind, you will need forcely the Strength of your MSP to make training and to Sell additional services on which we can sustain correctly our activity .

2) on the other UNLISTED Accounts (Turnover<10M$), MSP should have the ability to sell without having the fear to be "DOUBLED" by Matterport. Matterport should grant the account "X" if the MSP has already named the REALTORS and the NAME Of the person to whom he has made a Proposal in a period of time of two months

MATTERPORT should also accept to have MSP the ability to Buy You the camera with a Discount of 15-30% (depending the volume) and Resell the cameras in order to pay MSP for their cost of Sales , today it's happening on our market and could not be controlled, instead of that you should control it. A MSP should ask for discounting the Camera.

Today, the unfairness perceived is that you make us pay your COST OF SALES without paying us back on this .

3) Last point , You should let OPEN your APIs for importing data in order for MSP to make additionnal Business , like IMPORTING a Building not existing but completely Scanned virtually . Or enable us to use WEB SERVICES to go an get information of the models . potentially enable us by Web services to manage the sharing of a space.

360YourHouse France .



  • Comments Matterport? 4 days for a response? 

  • And I would strongly advice MP to make special legals for special MSP´s.
    We need our clients to believe in us and therefore need to deliver an environment that respects all their concerns in case of privacy, data control and copyrights.

    Also we as MSP´s working for our clients and being responsible for all their concerns must have full control of anything during and also after a partnership with MP on the used material.

    No client will spend big budgets on especially advanced solutions, if he can not be sure that everything from MP (3D data, photos, 360 panos etc.) he is paying for will be his forever. Just "Renting" without any guarantee what happens in the future is not an option at all.

  • I really look forward to official discussions with the European Union when I am in The Hague for 2 month and at the upcoming events in germany (interGeo, Expo Real, BIM World). Hope also they allow me to share some details as most things will be strictly confidential.

  • No feedback from you Marcus ? What is your update on this ?

  • Will post and update next 1 or 2 weeks. Currently I am very busy with projects - SORRY. event in Amsterdam is starting on wednesday. So please be patient.

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