[9/6/17] Newsletter: Exciting new features, blog posts, and more!

Get broader distribution by automatically sharing real estate Spaces with realtor.com

Sharing your real estate Spaces to a huge U.S. national audience just got easier. Matterport is excited to announce the official launch of Content Distribution (previously known as our "Syndication Beta"). Now, you will have the option to share your Spaces automatically to realtor.com. This will allow you to share your listings (and your brand) with a huge national network of home shoppers. To learn how to enable or disable Content Distribution, visit our Support article below.


Updated Terms and Conditions

With the launch of Matterport’s new Content Distribution feature, we are updating our Terms and Conditions to reflect the changes to our backend system. This change allows us to share your Spaces with future partners (such as realtor.com) and lays the foundation for us to pursue future partnerships in the future. To read what we've changed, see below:

  • Clarified the scope of usage data and derived data that Matterport is collecting in connection with the Matterport Cloud, as well as limitations on sharing such data with third parties;

  • Added terms and conditions relating to a new optional Content Distribution feature in the Matterport Cloud, through which customers may choose to have their public Spaces displayed on certain third-party websites and applications; and

  • Implemented other minor revisions to clarify certain provisions.


Introducing Capture 2.4 (Public Beta)

Do you want to join the Public Beta for the next version of our Capture app (version 2.4)?

We’re launching a few exciting new features to make scanning Spaces much easier for our users. Here's some new features that we are testing and developing as part of this beta:

  • Visual Alignment for empty and repetitive spaces: Scanning empty and repetitive spaces such as empty offices, warehouses, auditoriums, long halls, gymnasiums, etc can be difficult. If the space is very uniform and not unique, it's easy to get a "sliding misalignment" where a scan aligns, but not exactly in the right spot.  

    • With the Visual Alignment system in Matterport, you can reduce misalignments in these tricky spaces. First, tape unique markers (also known as "AprilTags") to walls in the space. Second, turn on the toggle in the Capture app settings. The Capture app will look for these markers during scanning and use them if they are there.

  • Firmware Notifications: Improve awareness of new camera firmware builds. In multi-camera scenarios, make it clear which cameras are up to date and which are not.

  • Low storage warnings: Improve low storage warnings so that you have more time to free up space.

  • (coming soon) French, German and Spanish localization: If you operate your iPad in one of these languages, Capture will switch to present localized content within the app.  

  • (coming soon) Enhanced organizational support: help you more easily manage multiple account relationships, minimize uploading to the wrong customer account.

If you're interested, and willing to try something new, then join in by sending the email address you use with the iOS App store to capture-beta@matterport.com. We'll send you an invitation to TestFlight, the software that we use to administer betas along with more information.


[Blog] Behind the Scenes with the VP of Product

As Matterport works to further develop our technology and roll out new features, we want to maintain a level of transparency with our supporters. That’s why we want to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what our product development process is like, from the initial concept phase to the actual feature delivered. To that end, this week’s blog post is a Q&A featuring Damien Leostic, Matterport’s VP of Product.


Got a problem? Customer Support is here to help!

We’re always available to help our customers succeed. Our amazing Customer Support team and Help Center will help with whatever problems you may have.

If you have an issue you can do three things:
 - Check the Help Center to see if there's already an article about it
 - Post on the Community so other Matterport users can discuss
 - Contact our Matterport Customer Support team for a direct or personal response

Here’s how to reach the Customer Support Team:
 - Chat widget on the bottom-right of the Help Center
 - Submit a support request at this link: Send us an written description of your issue
 - Send email to support@matterport.com
 - Call us at +1 (408) 805-3347. We’re available from 9 am to 5 pm M-F US Pacific time


Donate to Hurricane Harvey victims

The team at Matterport sends our deepest sympathy to the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation and has made a charitable donation to the United Way of Greater Houston in support. While we can only imagine the struggles, sadness, and sorrow of those most affected by the storm, we understand the importance of coming together and rebuilding a community even stronger than the one which stood before it.

For those interested in giving to the relief efforts, we’ve highlighted a few established and reputable organizations doing good work to help the victims on our blog. We’ve also shared a few models submitted to us by our customers representing the devastation experienced. We encourage you to donate to a reputable organization of your choosing.



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