To allow duplicate in Matterport Cloud

At the moment, I understand duplicate can only be done in the Capture app before uploading into Matterport Cloud.

Why not allow creating Duplicate in Matterport Cloud too? 


It will be useful to be able to create a Duplicate Space without the need to re-do all Workshop edits like mattertags, start position, snapshots, highlight reel etc. 



  • Hi Jack,

    That is indeed a great suggestions and something I would like to see as well.  For now we can copy a Space, including anything done in Workshop, via our back end.  However, it's not scalable and could take time depending on the request. 

    - Amir

  • Also options to duplicate and optimize some features for the dollhouse view would be great to have on the webportal and not only on the ipad.

  • And ... a tool where we can go in and remove/disable triangles from the 3D Mesh to fix weirdness :)  I know you guys can do that!

  • Is there a way to move a 3D model back into Capture App after it has been deleted from the Ipad? 

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