GSV [Beta] - Known Issues

GSV Publishing Beta - Known Issues

Greetings All,

Below is a list of the major known issues with the GSV Beta Program. The purpose of this list is to inform users of the status of various fixes that are in the pipeline. This list is not necessarily comprehensive, and only includes issues that are affecting a large percentage of users. We will update this list periodically.

Please do NOT report bugs or other issues in this thread. Instead please use the “Report a bug or feature request” form inside of the GSV publishing tool.  

Last Updated 2018.01.31

Multiple instances of GSV Publishing tools open at one time can corrupt Publishing Data.   

Issue:  Having multiple instances of GSV Publishing Tools open at one time can corrupt GSV when Publishing and prevent users from being able to publish or edit a GSV tour

Status of Issue: Cause Identified - Working on permanent fix

Notes: There is currently a bug in the GSV publishing tools where having more than one copy of the GSV tools open at a time (in different tabs or windows for example) is causing Spaces to lock up when publishing. 

This issue does not affect the Matterport tour itself. It only prevents publishing or editing the Google Street View for that Space. 

We are working on a fix, but for now, DO NOT have more than one instance of the GSV publishing tools open at a time.

Estimated Resolution: Feb ‘18 

Support for 360° Views

Issue:  Matterport to GSV publishing does not support 360° Views.  

Status of Issue:  Investigating

Notes:  At this time 360° Views (Unaligned Panos) are not supported by the Matterport GSV publishing tools.  When publishing a Matterport Space with 360° Views, only regular, aligned, Panoramas will be published to Google Street View.

We are investigating ways to include 360° Views in future versions of the Matterport GSV publishing Beta however, this is still a longer term effort with several internal dependencies.

Estimated Resolution: Q1 or later 2018


Too many Navigation Arrows

Issue:  When viewing a GSV Space in a iframe or on mobile some Spaces will have far too many navigation arrows (chevrons).

Status of Issue:  Investigating

Notes:  We are working with Google to address this issue. There are various ways this problem could be addressed and we are exploring all of them.  This will be a long term and evolving effort with no clear timeline just yet. We will update users as addition information becomes available.

Estimated Resolution: TBD

Multi Floor Navigation

Issue:  Users can only see an upper or lower floor if they are directly beneath a section of the Space that has an additional floor.

Status of Issue:  Investigating

Notes:  We are working with Google to address this issue. This is primarily a UI/UX issue in the Google Street View application.  As such, any potential fix will likely need to come from the Google team.

Estimated Resolution: TBD

Resolved Issues:

Images not showing up in location searches / Place ID information not being passed correctly

Issue:  Google Business Place ID information was not being properly set on upload of Matterport Tours to GSV.  This was causing issues with tours not properly showing up when searching for a business.

Status of Issue: Resolved

Notes: This issues was discovered early in the Limited Beta.  

We found the cause and implemented a permanent fix. However, you will need to sure the Place ID is selected when placing your GSV Tour.  To do this, make sure you include the Place or location name when searching before the street address. 

Resolution Date: Jan 10th ‘18

Model Placement Slight Off

Issue:  Model location in GSV was not matching expectations

Status of Issue:  Resolved

Notes: A bug in the Model Placement Tools for GSV export was causing some Spaces to appear up to several meters away from where users intended them to be placed.  

In addition to correcting the issue we also updated the Space Placement tools UI/UX so that the movement and rotation icons are cleaner and more consistent.

Resolution Date: Jan 10th ‘18 



  • Thanks!  The PlaceID issue is certainly the most glaring problem.

    Concerning placement on maps being 'off' -- is this perhaps because Satellite View is the default view that Matterport is using for placement of the model?  While Satellite View combined with the floorplan footprint looks AMAZING -- it is my experience when swapping between Satellite View and Maps View that the Satellite Imagery is often off in placement.  My first thought in using MPGSV was that placement on Satellite Imagery might lead to the model placement being off.

    How about showing Map view on the 'Review' (Step 3) panel rather than Satellite?

  • BTW - the bug report form is too long on the GSV Beta.

  • Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the feedback.  Sadly, the placement bug is a real bug, and not just an issue with differences in the Satellite data.  Thankfully it is a minor one, that does not affect all Spaces, but it is there, and we are fixing it. 

    That said yes, you are 100% correct, the satellite data can differ from the Map View slightly, (ok sometimes more than slightly).  

    Per Google, the Satellite data is generally more accurate which is why it is the default for the placement. 

    - Keith S. 

  • Keith, thank you SO MUCH.

    Official statements from Google are few and far between.  I have heard others state that opposite (Maps = More Accurate than Satellite) -- which really doesn't make sense if you really think about it.

    Super helpful to know this!!! :)

    [I was on a webcast with a GSV 3rd Party Developer and asked a question about Satellite View and it was dismissed rather quickly as he felt that aligning to maps was optimal]

  • GSV Feedback forum is too long. 

    Issue:  Some users are finding the “Report a bug or feature request” a little too in depth.  

    Status of Issue:  Updated feedback forums

    Notes: We are adjusting and streamlining the “Report a bug or feature request” forum to allow for quicker and easier reporting of issues. 

    Estimated Resolution: Fixed (First pass).  Will reevaluate once more before open beta. 

    Edit:  All joking aside, we reworked the feedback forum to make it easier to submit.  We will re-evaluate it once more before open beta, but please let us know your thoughts. 


  • Not a bug, but something worth addressing.

    People will want to go outside.  People will want the Matterport Pro-2's onboard GPS to do something for them.  People may be interested in connecting their GSV tours to the street (to get a blue line connection).

    It would be nice if 360 Views could utilize Matterport's Pro-2 GPS features.  This way, there would be a way to use the Matterport Camera as a -full- GSV solution.

    I'm curious to know if during the development cycle for Matteport's GSV tool, if this was attempted.  If not, I'm surprised.  If so, I'm curious if it had good results.

    Also - if GPS was utilized for 360 Views -- it would be nice if this data was attached to the 360 Snapshots.

  • Hello Chris, 

    Thank you for your feedback.  As always, it is most appreciated.

    We are looking at how to incorporate 360 Views into GSV Published. However, this functionality will not be a part of the first iteration of the beta launching later this month. 

    Going forward, we are looking at a number of ways to address 360 View, and yes, using the GPS data from the Pro2 is one of the options we are investigating.  That said, this is only one of several options we are exploring.  While the GPS data is very helpful, we want to have a solution that will support all of our Pro1 customers as well. 

    I hope this information helps. 


    Keith S. 
    Product Manager


  • Hi Keith, 

    I have uploaded 5 retail locations to GSV now through workshop, very exciting! 

    I am definitely having all of the issues above, and a couple of other things I noticed are:

    Inconsistency with the landing location for the images once you click into a space, and also there's NO indicator showing you that you can go into a space from the street except for the super subtle change in direction from the main navigation arrow.  

    So to recap:

    In a model with 2 floors I can't get to the 2nd floor, I'd like to be able to start at the entrance, and not end up in the theater or the hallway like is happening with this GSV tour, and I still feel like no one will connect my images with the location, because when you google the location, all that is coming up are the regular images taken from other people (probably because the location identifier is not working properly yet). 



    You can only get to the content by going to the street view by placing the guy on the ground and then when the arrow subtly changes direction you can see you can go definitely not idiot proof

    Depending on which side of the building you tap on you go into one image or the other, but not into the lobby where I'd like to have people land

    Just still images from other folks, not my content


    No indication of other 360 images showing up

  • Hi Emily,

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in here.

    Inconsistency with landing location --

    Google do not provide way to set a landing location.  Their "algorithms" determine the start location.  Not to take a jab, but the batting average for a smart start location is exponentially worse than the one that Matterport has in place for their Video Teasers.  The only way to set a landing location is a hack that Matterport probably will not and should not employ - which is stripping the placeID from all the panoramas EXCEPT the one that you would want as a start location.  GoThru supports this in their moderator, however, they strongly caution against relying on it as it's unsupported and any change in Google's policies may cause serious repercussions that they are not responsible for.

    Two Floors

    I -have- had success publishing a two-story tour.  Google's navigation can be EXTREMELY cumbersome (it's not half as nice as Matterport's!) -- and it's MUCH easier to use keyboard arrow keys.  I wonder if you might be able to navigate upstairs, but Google is throwing you in the wrong direction when you attempt to do this.

    Connection to the Street

    In order to potentially have your tour link to the street, you will need to shoot panos from the street, very close together, into your building.  This may require overscanning / overlapping the street a bit as sometimes Google's existing street view imagery is not placed correctly.

    As Matterport is not publishing 360 Views to GSV at the moment, this is likely to be VERY VERY difficult to do as 3D Scans are unlikely to reach the street before alignment fails.

    One option would be to export 360 Views as 360 Snapshots and to import your Matterport published tour via GoThru (recommended), PanoSkin (if you absolutely hate the lovely Alin and Alinea or love the underdog), or Pano2VR.  From there, you can add in the 360 Views and connect them to the tour that you published.

    Finally - pray.  Pray day and night.  Wish upon a star.  Light incense / candles.  Sell your soul.  Do whatever superstitious rituals that you think are necessary to summon the magical blue line fairy that works for Google and connects your tours to the street :)

    To this date, only 1 tour that I've shot connects to the street :)  That's not for lack of trying.  I think Chris Petracco has a higher batting average than I do :)

  • Hello Emily and Chris,

    Thank you for your feedback.  As always, it is on point and greatly appreciated.

    That said, when you have the chance, can you please use the “Report a bug or feature request” form inside of the GSV publishing tool to share this information as well.  

    This allows us to capture and log the issues more effectively.  

    We will be pushing an update to the GVS tools tomorrow that should correct the Place ID and Placement bugs.  There are also a few other UI/UX tweaks that while minor should greatly improve the work flow for publishing.  

    I will update this thread with additional details after tomorrows release. 


    Keith S. 

  • Greetings All, 

    Yesterday, Jan 10th, we pushed several large updates to the Matterport to GSV Publishing tools. 

    In addition to fixing a few known issues, such as the Place ID bug, we also made adjustments to the placement tool UI/UX. Specifically, we locked the move icon to the center of the floor plan image instead of it floating based the first scan position.  This small change simplifies and standardized the experience across different Spaces, and should make it faster and easier to use the placement tools. 

    With regard to the Google Place ID bug: to ensure that you are properly setting the Place ID when uploading, be sure to include the Business or Location Name in the search field before the street address, and then you make sure you use the suggested (auto completed) address.  You can also click on the business Icon (if there is one) in the Google Map and the address field should update accordingly. 

    We will be updating the Placement Tool UI/UX to make it more clear if/when the Place ID is not properly set. 

    With these updates, we are now officially moving to an Open Beta for the Matterport to GSV publishing tools. We have already added several hundred new users to the beta, and will continue to slowly increase this number going forward.  We expect everyone that signed up for GSV Beta Access to have it by the end of January or sooner. 

    We will be adding users based on the when they first signed up for GSV Beta Access. First to sign up, will be the first to get access. 

    Please remember this is a Beta, and we are relying on your feedback to make this product even better.  Please do NOT report bugs or other issues in this thread. Instead please use the “Report a bug or feature request” form inside of the GSV publishing tool.  


    Keith S. 

    Product Manager 
    Matterport GSV Publishing

  • Since the update -- Working beautifully on the two tours that previously wouldn't associate with their Place!



  • I am being very rude here, since I am not on the beta yet, but I was wondering about linking models to locations. I have a Zoo that has a number of different buildings located at different points on the grounds. Will we be able to link a model to a fixed gps location or would it have to be linked to the zoo's single CID. That would be a little crazy :)

    Looking forward to being given the go ahead to use the Beta.

  • Hello Leon, 

    In sort, you can do both.  You can first set the Place ID, by searching for the location or business name in the address bar before publishing, and then you can move the tour to its exact location in the Zoo. 

    By setting the proper Place ID, you will allow the tour to show up in the image feed when a person Googles the business or property.  This greatly increases the chances for search and discovery. 

    That said, once you have the proper Place ID, you can still manually adjust where you publish the tour to ensure it is exactly where you want it.  Likewise, you can publish multiple tours to the same Place ID.  The only issue is that the separate tours will not be connected.  Users will not be able to move directly from one to the next. 

    I hope this helps. 


    Keith S. 

  • Oh that is fantastic, looking forward to putting it into practice.


  • Greetings All, 

    Today (1/17/18) we pushed a couple of small UI/UX changes to the GSV tools as well as a couple of back end bug fixes.

    Primarily, we updated the helper text/tool-tips to be a little more clear when a Place ID was not properly set for a location. This included adding a warning on the final submit page when a Place ID is not set. Users can still publish without a Place ID if they should chose, but now it should be more clear if it was not set by accident. We will continue to evaluate the UI/UX to make sure users are able to use the tools intuitively. 

    In the mean time, for the best results, if you would like your Space to be more easily found via Google Search, we HIGHLY recommend you include the business or location name (before the street address) in the search field when placing the Space using the GSV tools. 

    For example, you would enter "Matterport, 352 E. Java Dr."  instead of just "352 E. Java Drive." when placing a Space.

    We also pushed a few back end fixes to address issues with tilted panos some users were reporting in a few Spaces. If you ran into any issues with your GSV tours having panos tilted at odd angels in the past, try republishing your Space and the issue should now be corrected.

    With these changes, over the next 24 hours, we will also be greatly increasing the number of GSV Beta Users. I cannot give an exact count at this time, but I can say we are on track to grant access to everyone that signed up for the GSV Beta by the end of this month. Sadly we are not able to grant everyone access today, but it won't be too much longer. For those of you still waiting, we are continuing to improve the GSV tools, so that when you do have access here soon, it will be in a better state than it is even today. 

    Lastly, a big thank you to everyone that has provided their thoughts and feedback so far. Please keep it coming. As a reminder to everyone else, you can use the “Report a bug or feature request” form inside of the GSV publishing tool to pass along your thoughts. 


    Keith S. 

    Product Manager 
    Matterport GSV Publishing

  • Greetings All,

    We have recently discovered a bit of a small bug in the Current GSV Publishing tools.

    If a user opens the same Space in multiple instances of the GSV Publishing tools at one time (ex: having the same space open in the GSV Publishing tools in two different windows or tabs) it can cause the Space to get stuck when publishing.

    It will also not allow the user to edit or even delete the Space from GSV.

    We are working on a fix for the asap, but for now, be sure to only edit the Space in a single tab.

    If you have a space that has been stuck "Processing" for more than 48 hours, it may be related to this bug.  Please contact with a link to the Space so that we can investigate further.


    Keith S.
    Project Manager
    Matterport GSV Publishing

  • I'm entering business name and address and nothing happens. No map displays to verify location.


  • Hello Ron, 

    Thank you for reaching out.  We are investigating this issue and I will update as soon as I know more.  


    Keith S. 

    Product Manager

    Matterport GSV Publishing. 

  • Hello Ron,

    The issue should now be corrected.  


    Keith S. 

  • Still have blank page after entering business name and address. I can click next, but seems like I should make sure of placement first if I understand this.

  • Everything seems to be working fine on my PC. When I look on an ipad I get nothing from the site I published. I have downloaded the ipad app for street view. Any thoughts?


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