Spatial sound in Showcase

There is lots of companies doing Audio designs for venues. To grow more business for matterport owners, it would be great if it was possible to upload an audio file for each scanpoint. Then the Audio guys could hire us matties to scan a venue, and they could add their sound design to visualise their idea easy for the end client.

Today you can record 360 sound in a Point. If it was possible to align the 3d-sound to the scan Point it would be even greater.

In VR this would be totally awsome. We do this today in unity for exported Matterport Scans (3D). We also do it with exported matterport 360-panos in Another application Krpano Panotour.

If we could do it in Matterport Showcase we would save time and have Everything in the same application. Everyone would benefit of that. Win - Win - Win!




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