[8/24/17] Newsletter - Introducing Looping GIFs!

Introducing Looping GIFs!

In a recent customer survey, we asked many of you what you thought of our teaser video content and our GIFs. One of the things you all agreed upon was your desire for the GIFs to be set to loop. Now, all GIFs for newly processed Matterport Spaces are automatically set to permanently loop, which can make them more engaging if you use them via email or post them online. 

If you would like help turning off the looping functionality for your GIFs, please click the button below to access the Help Center article.


[Blog] All Generations Welcome: Capturing the Museum of Flight with Matterport, by Peder Nelson, Exhibit Developer

In July 2016, our museum doubled its size with the opening of the Aviation Pavilion -- a newly constructed 3-acre, open-air hangar featuring some of the museum's largest and most popular aircrafts. Given the sheer size, complex navigation, and multiple levels of the aircraft in this new structure, we needed a way to ensure that all visitors regardless of age or physical abilities could experience the exhibit the same way. Finding a solution to this problem became a major project for our team, and we began looking to digital technology to find an answer. We found a way to make our exhibits more accessible with Matterport.


[Public Beta] Matterport WebVR Support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Have you been waiting to experience Matterport VR on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? Now you can - as part of a limited public Beta program via WebVR. As of August 16th, basic Daydream-like, WebVR support is now available to our PC customers who currently use those devices. While this is incredibly exciting, we wanted to clarify that the experience will be more similar to Cardboard and Daydream devices, and not like highly-interactive video game experiences typical of these more dynamic devices. Read about the specifics of this public Beta on our Community.


Order a Schematic Floor Plan today!


With Matterport, you get black and white floor plans generated directly from your 3D tours in just 2 days and for only $14.99 USD (£13). Out of all the Matterport customers who have ordered a floor plan, 74% have ordered more than once. See why today!






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