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I don't know if this is already possible (if so please let me know) but I would like to be able to add 360 views to a current model without all the hassle of re-rendering and uploading and then re-editing.

For example I have a shopping centre that may require the exterior shots to be seasonal - at the moment we're in Summer but soon going into Autumn (fall for you guys) and so it would be nice to get some shots in Autumn when the leaves change but I don't want all that hassle - and I still would like it in my highlight reel (not just linked to a mattertag) 

And also could we have the option to take just 360s only without requiring to have 3D scans of the interior first?



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  • @sitimms You could contact support.  They -can- do it, although it's certainly not policy.

    It would be nice if in, you could click a 360 Snapshot and there was an option to 'Copy to Other Model'.  It would be the easiest way for the developers to do this -- and the infrastructure to allow this is already developed.

    One problem I see is that 360 Views cannot be shot separate from a 3D Tour.  One could theoretically scan 1-2 360 Views and upload a free tour, then move these to where they would like.  This jury rigged method of getting around Matterport's system seems to be a 'problem' that should be fixed.

    Capture v3.0 wishlist :)

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